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As Spokane's oldest Advertising Agency, no other agency in town has developed more successful campaigns. We are award-winning experts in television, radio, newspaper, and billboards. We have a longstanding reputation for delivering quality work, on time and within budget.

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About Us

Our passion lies in taking "the underdog" and making them competitive. Once we have found that unique selling point, we deliver it with breakthrough advertising to the target audience.

Our goal is to give businesses the competitive edge in the realm of marketing, public relations and advertising. We understand the need for results today, while working within limited budgets. We excel at building and sustaining powerful brand images for our clients.

The Quinn Group is a full-service advertising agency. We are seeking partnerships with companies that understand the importance of producing a quality product, and promoting it with strategic marketing and truth in advertising.


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We have earned the reputation of producing advertising that will make your target audience sit up, take notice and lead to bottom line results.

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We do not settle for the obvious, status quo or trendy solutions to your marketing challenges. Rather, we strive to highlight your competitive advantage or unique selling proposition in a relevant and compelling manner that attracts attention, and achieves the desired results.


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Content is king, but marketing is queen and runs the household.

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Being creative is not a hobby. It is our job.

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Our Strategy

We do not settle for the obvious, status quo or trendy solutions to your marketing challenges. Rather, we strive to highlight your competitive advantage or unique selling proposition in a relevant and compelling manner that attracts attention, and achieves the desired results.


Our Strategy

Being creative is not a hobby. It is our job. Our creative services department is an idea factory. We believe great ideas come from minds capable of working in many directions. Our creative will make your target audience take notice and take action.


Our Strategy

Your media dollars are an investment that must be maximized. Through careful research and planning, Quinn Group will allocate the media budget in such a way as to maximize the impact of each dollar spent, getting the message out to as much of the target audience as possible.


Our Strategy

We view ourselves as the custodians of our client's public image. Many savvy consumers choose only to do business with companies that they feel support their community or interests. We understand when a consumer buys a product or service they are really buying the company brand.


Our Strategy

Promotions are often the answer for producing measurable, quick results with short term marketing. Promotions can come in many forms. A solid promotion can add value or incentive to buy the product or service now.


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Every client you keep, is one less that you need to find.


We're fortunate to work with fantastic clients
on design, branding, and marketing projects.

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A Great Team to Work With!

I have been with the Quinn Agency for 13 years. The agency is professional, creative, has lots of energy and is fun to work with. They value you as a client and work hard to meet your needs. They help us with our annual media plan and are very flexible when changes are needed. Most of all they had created a great brand for Gus Johnson Ford. I highly recommend the Quinn Group as an ad agency.

Gus Johnson Owner of Gus Johnson Ford


Breakthrough Creative

Quinn Group was key in taking the Huckleberry's brand from that of a more traditional grocery store and evolving it into Spokane's natural and organic headquarters. The Quinn Group team provides strategic direction and breakthrough creative that has led to growth in an extremely competitive local grocery market. We now have 15 satellite Huckleberry's locations across the Northwest.

Don Whitaker Director - Grocery Merchandising, Huckleberry's Natural Market


Effective Results

It's creative people doing amazing work! I love their team's ability to translate our ideas into reality and they don't just tell you what you want to hear. They have really helped us pinpoint where our advertising dollars are best spent and their collaboration, focus and energy for telling our mission has greatly enhanced the image of our organization.

Dave Richardson Spokane Humane Society


On Budget

Quinn Group has led our office through the ins and outs of billboards, bus wraps, TV commercials, print ads and social media. They were able to get us an amazing amount of coverage, all within our budget.

Suzanne Tresko Recycling Coordinator - Spokane Regional Solid Waste System


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Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

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Close Encounters of the Blue Kind

Client: Spokane Regional Solid Waste System

Situation: Recycling apathy apparent while trying to launch a Single Stream Recycling Program during October's election cycle.

Solution: The arrival of "Big Blue" was highlighted with the campaign "Close Encounters of the Blue Kind" in a highly entertaining, and definitely memorable, nod to the cult classic film.

Results: In less than six months, Spokane residents doubled the amount of recycled items they place in their curbside collection.

Additional Creative
Big Blue TV
Bus Wrap

Man Shopping Challenge

Client: Trading Company Stores

Situation: Trading Company lacked unique identity among grocery stores. A truly differentiating marketing strategy was needed to compete in the industry.

Solution: Target an untapped and underserved demographic group equaling 49% of today's grocery shoppers; men.

Results: Double digit growth year over year.

Additional Creative
Television - Food Groups
Television - Meat Market

The Ford Expert

Client: Gus Johnson Ford

Situation: Gus Johnson Ford was the new name in an oversaturated market of 5 Ford Dealers.

Solution: Brand Gus Johnson as the Ford Expert.

Results: Survived and thrived during the recession while two competitors closed.

Additional Creative
Television - Gus Cab 2
Television - Gus Cab 3

She's a Keeper!

Client: Spokane Humane Society

Situation: The Spokane Humane Society was established in 1897, but always lacked a solid brand identity.

Solution: Focus on their unique position of saving animals at nearly all costs.

Results: "She's a Keeper!" campaign led to increased awareness as well as adoptions and donations.

Additional Creative

Dr. Kevin Johnson's

Client: Advanced Aesthetics

Situation: Advanced Aesthetics' name was a stumbling block; difficult to spell, hard to say. They had little brand recognition and no strong market position.

Solution: Evolve their name to Dr. Kevin Johnson's ADVANCED AESTHETICS.

Results: Increase in credibility and awareness has led to the opening of a second office in Spokane to serve more patients.

Additional Creative
TV - Thirties
TV - Forties
TV - Fifties

Season Passes

Client: Riverfront Park

Situation: Riverfront Park suffered for years under fragmented marketing with no clear creative vision or media strategy.

Solution: Riverfront Park is an experience that must be shown in a cinematic and genuine way. We focused media dollars on TV with a web/social supplement.

Results: Season Sale Passes and Spring Break sales jumped by 50% over the previous year.

Additional Creative
TV - Season Pass Sale
TV - Stocking Stuffer